We believe that Flexibility is the key to successful installations. Working with commercial clients means working with the counter’s design team and the company’s store planning division. Blending the two together is always required, often times challenging, and is a strong part of our business. We are very familiar and experienced with working directly with the vendor brands, the stores, and management. Every store and every project will have its own set of unique requirements. Vendor identity is the primary goal of every installation; making sure we comply with the stores guidelines is crucial, taking care of our client’s needs is paramount. We take extra care and time to ensure both the client and store are well served.

At the onset of every project, the first requirement is completing a thorough site survey.

From the site survey we immediately begin the process of developing CAD shop drawings; not only for our client & the store, but also, ultimately, for our craftsmen. We use these same drawings to integrate with our computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery to cut and machine parts for assembly with absolute accuracy.

Once our shop drawings are reviewed and approved by our client and store design team, they become an integral tool for our clients and craftsmen to insure the finished product is exactly what was intended and desired.

  • Blue Sky is a medium size producer of high-end retail casework.
  • We practice lean manufacturing methods.
  • We have a history of making completion dates 100% on-time.
  • We use AutoCAD to determine design intent and assure client and store planning exactly what we plan to produce and deliver.
  • Our goal is to have perfect counters ready to begin selling the day we complete the installation.
  • Our mission – create & accept nothing less than excellence.
  • Materials or finishes with which we have extensive experience are as follows:
    • Wood – all species, with extensive use of eco-friendly products.
    • Metal – aluminum, stainless, brass, steel, & bronze.
    • Glass – flat, curved, etched, painted, CNC water jetted, & mirrors.
    • Acrylic – extensive use of cast and extruded – all styles of fabrication.
    • Films (gels, diffusers)
    • Plastic Laminates. (high & low pressure media)
    • Solid surfacing (Corian, Avonite, & most high density manufactured solid surfacing)
    • Stone (granite, marble, slate, and limestone used for counters & flooring)
    • Paints – Lacquer, Conversion varnish, & automotive finishes and many others.
    • Stains, dyes, & tinted clear coating.
  • Lighting. Almost every counter we produce is built around lighting. Various types and levels of lighting include fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, halide, and LED lighting. We have become experts at sourcing and adapting to the needs of the design. Blue Sky uses lighting components not only from manufacturers in the United States, but also from France, Italy, Germany, and Asia.
    • Blue Sky Woodworks, Inc. is an approved Underwriters Laboratory (UL) manufacturer. All counters are clearly tagged and numbered, as per UL 65 requirements.
    • The UL stickers give Blue Sky Woodworks access to install most anywhere in the world, a distinction and classification that has an advantage over RU and CE stickers found more often on fixtures not approved by Underwriters Laboratories.
    • We test all lighting fixtures for a minimum of 24 hours, under load, to ensure that outsourced components measure up against our standards, and to prevent failures, once installed.
    • We make a point of providing our client, the store, and counter manager with a detailed spreadsheet of light fixtures, lamps color and wattage, and a list of suppliers’ phone numbers to make sure the store has what they need to keep the counter looking the same as the day it opened.
  • Blue Sky Woodworks, Inc. warranties every counter we fabricate and install for a period of one year from the date of turn-over. We also provide our client and store management a detailed list of instructions for proper care and cleaning for all finishes to keep your counter at its best for years to come.